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Majestic 4" Overlay Pressure Mattress

The Pressure Relieving Ola Majestic is a popular mattress overlay which is placed on top of an existing mattress and is suitable for patients with a medium risk of developing a pressure ulcer or who are at risk and may have had pressure ulcers in the past. We would advise that a 4 inch pressure releiving mattress would suit a divan bed more than an electric profile bed due to the gaps on each side of the mattress. A 5 inch pressure relieving Overlay would suit the profile bed much better due to the extra width, leaving no gaps for the resident to slip into.

One in two cell cycle - design which allows for optimum therapy Mattress cover two way stretch Water resistant Vapour permeable Mattress securing straps Low/normal pressure indicators Visual Alarm External Pump filters Free Next day delivery

NHS Approved Supplier NHS approved supplier

Our OLA systems are accepted on the NHS Framework Agreement Contract Reference 2009/S 76-109207.

Our specialist chosen partner in Pressure Care is engaged in the design, manufacture and supply of pressure relieving support surfaces. The OLA mattress systems advertised for sale here at Ola Direct are also available on contract to the NHS through the current Framework Agreement relating to Beds, Seating and Pressure Care products.

Our support surfaces range consists of static and dynamic mattress and seating systems, we have a comprehensive portfolio covering many areas of pressure care including specialist Paediatric and Bariatric products – contact us for further information. Technical specifications

Product code ola004
Minimum weight limit 32Kg (5 Stone)
Maximum weight limit 114Kgs (18 stone)
Warranty 1 Year
Operating cycle 12 Minutes
Pressure range 30-80mmHg
Mattress dimensions inflated 1850x800x102mm
Mattress weight 5Kg
Pump dimensions 260x140x102mm
Pump weight 2.4Kg
Safety standard IEC 601-1, Bs5724 Part 1
Noise Level Less than 30db
Rating AC 230v 50Hz 1a 12W

When choosing a mattress, it is important to consider the effects of that mattress on skin protection. Mattresses may be either static or dynamic. In general, a static mattress refers to a mattress that doesn’t move when a person lies on it. A dynamic mattress is powered by a control unit to regularly change the surface under a person.

A dynamic mattress can reduce the number of times a person needs to be turned, greatly enhancing the comfort of the very poorly or terminally ill. It is essential equipment for anyone at high risk of developing pressure ulcers or who have existing pressure ulcers.

All our dynamic mattresses use alternating pressure. This means that air is pumped into cylinders that are placed parallel to each other inside the mattress. As one set of cylinders inflates, the other set deflates.

This way the pressure under any part of the body is relieved on a regular basis. Achieving an exceptionally high standard in pressure management, they operate by a sequence of air cells gently inflating and deflating in accordance with established alternating principles.

All our mattress systems have been designed with both the patient and carer in mind, combining effective support with ease of use.

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